Thursday 14 November 2019

Arrests now planned in detective Adrian Donohoe murder probe

Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe
Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe

Paul Williams Special Correspondent

GARDAI investigating the murder of their colleague Adrian Donohoe, pictured, are preparing to make a series of arrests.

Officers are understood to have identified the members of the cross-border gang who took part in the robbery at the Lordship credit union, and the people who organised the theft of the getaway car used.

The investigation team has been receiving a steady flow of information from members of the public who were outraged by the crime.

They've also been getting "assistance" from other criminals and terrorists who are anxious not to be associated with the gang responsible.

The leader of the gang, who is the prime suspect for the cold-blooded shooting of the brave detective, is aged in his mid-20s and from south Armagh.

The other robbers range in ages between 18 and early 20s and are from both sides of the Border.

Last week, it emerged that detectives believed the 16-year-old girlfriend of one of the suspects had been involved and may have driven the getaway car.

However, officers now suspect that the driver was a young male who was wearing a wig to look like a woman.

It is understood that one of the gang members is living relatively close to the Lordship credit union on the Cooley Peninsula, which the gang is also believed to have robbed in 2011.

There are also concerns that the gang may be protected by various republican gangs because one of them is related to a senior Real IRA figure.

It is expected that gardai and the PSNI will carry out a series of arrest operations over the coming weeks as they close in on the murder gang. Family members as well as friends and girlfriends of the criminals will also be lifted.

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