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Arrest-count won't be factor in career prospects of gardai

GARDAI will no longer be able to use arrests or prosecutions for minor offences as a boost for their career prospects.

Garda management and the four staff associations are locked in talks under the revised action plan drawn up as part of the Croke Park agreement for the public service.

This will include the introduction of a performance management scheme that will focus on the quality of a garda's work, his or her ability to perform as part of a team and providing service to the public.

"This will not be based on how many arrests are made or prosecutions brought as an alternative to adult cautions," a senior officer told the Irish Independent.

"It is not the aim to reward somebody who spends an inordinate amount of their time concentrating on technical offences."

The scheme will be used to assess the performances of gardai of all ranks and is due to be piloted and implemented as quickly as possible.

The staff associations, which represent gardai up to the rank of chief superintendent, are being offered the prospect of no further pay cuts in return for negotiations on nine areas.

The assessment of performances is seen as a key part of the talks. A major overhaul of garda rosters, which will now be based on supply and demand, is already well advanced and the new arrangements will put gardai on duty when they are most needed.


The changes will also be in line with the new EU working time directive, which means gardai can no longer be ordered to work seven nights in a row.

Other areas under discussion include full implementation of a report resulting in more efficient training schedules and less time spent by probationers in the Garda College, and the setting up of a new compensation board that will reduce legal fees and speed up payments to victims.

Irish Independent