Monday 12 November 2018

Arrest actor to sue Italian police

Colin Bartley

THE Irish actor released without charge over the brutal murder of an elderly lady in Italy says he is going to sue the Italian police for "a stack of dollars".

Paudge Behan (42) was held by police on Saturday night after the murder of 72-year-old Silvana Abate in Arcidosso, Tuscany in Italy.

The son of former IRA chief of staff Cathal Goulding and Brendan Behan's widow Beatrice, was released without charge after a 24-hours of "psychological torture".

Speaking after the ordeal yesterday he vowed to take the Italian police to court.

"As they say in LA, on a clear day you can sue forever," he said.

He says the Carabiniere, the Italian Police, mistreated him. He feels that suing is the only course of action open to him.

The Dublin-born actor now intends getting reimbursed for his trauma and said: "I'd just like to make a stack of dollars out of it at their expense to be honest with you.

"I'm completely in the clear at this stage.

"It is not very good for my reputation as an actor when all the reports in the newspapers are that I have been arrested for murder."

He said the locals have shown him huge support. He has been a regular visitor in Arcidosso for 15 years and is now a home-owner there.

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