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Aqua-batics: Dolphins put on harbour show



IT was one of those moments when you wished you had a camera.

While out walking his dog on Killiney Beach, photographer Derek O'Rourke wished he had remembered his camera, when he spotted three dolphins frolicking in the harbour.

And when he saw the same sight the following day, he resolved to return once more -- this time with his camera.

"I'd been coming to the beach for the past seven days and they've been there every day, swimming between White Rock and Killiney Beach, just moving back and forth. I finally got a picture of them this week," he said.

As far as Mr O'Rourke is concerned, the dolphins have been in Killiney for the past three years and are always to be seen near that location.

"They're residents at this stage, which is fantastic for the area," he said.

Mr O'Rourke isn't sure exactly what they are but he thinks one is young so perhaps they're a family unit: a bull, a cow and their calf.

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