Saturday 18 January 2020

April Collins: 'These men are going to have us killed. We are going to be killed'

Barry Duggan

THREE weeks ago April Collins found herself surrounded by armed gardai looking at an armour-plated bulletproof BMW X5.

The last time she was in the high-powered vehicle was in 2008 when she was going out with Ger Dundon, who had then owned the car before it was later seized by the State.

In 2010, April Collins broke up with her boyfriend of nearly a decade, Ger Dundon.

In recent weeks, she provided crucial evidence to secure convictions against his older brothers, Wayne and John.

April and Ger, who are now both aged 24, started going out when she turned 16. They had their first son when she was 17, and two more children later.

Ger and another criminal, Thomas O'Neill, used to hang around together in Limerick. In 2004, O'Neill led four other men in a horrific gang rape of a young woman in Cratloe Woods, Co Clare, and was subsequently jailed for 10 years.

April and Ger moved between Limerick and London. A statement from John Dundon read to the court recalled how Ger "f**ked her out of the house" after John caught her smoking crack in 2009.

Ger Dundon and April's father, Jimmy, and her brother, Gareth, were all arrested in 2010 and jailed for their roles in an attempt to extort money.

April said she ended her relationship with Ger and stopped bringing the children to jail to see him.

Taped jail phone conversations heard her call Ger "a f**king scumbag" and told him not to ring her anymore.

In another call, she said: "They (the Dundons) are the biggest shower of scumbags that I have ever met in my life."

Towards the end of last March, April began a relationship with Thomas O'Neill following his release from jail. Days later, John Dundon threatened to kill her.

Two weeks ago, April said on five separate occasions that she believed she and her family would be killed by the Dundons.

"These men threatened my family. They are going to have us killed. We are going to be killed," she said.

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