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Apple backs down in nude Ulysses row

Apple reversed its decision to reject nude drawings in the comic book version of James Joyce’s 'Ulysses' that had been created as an iPad app.

Chad Rutkowski, manager at Throwaway Horse which publishes the illustrated title 'Ulysses Seen', said Apple reversed its earlier decision to remove panels containing nude images.

“They basically apologized,” Mr Rutkowski told The New York Times.

“They said they gave it a second look and realized that it wasn’t obscene or anything like that. They’re clearly drawing a distinction now and they understand what we’re doing.”

The creators of the illustrated version of James Joyce’s epic novel had earlier been told that the nude drawings which appear on pages 35 and 37 would need to be edited out in order to meet Apple’s content guidelines. The panels in question featured a woman exposing her breasts.

Mr Rutkowski said the computer giant last night backed down and the

company will be resubmitting the panels for review. Throwaway Horse

believes that the re-examination process will be swift and will allow for the app to be sold as its creators had intended.

“The sense that he gave me was that they were going to try to get it approved and up there as quickly as we can,” he said.

'Ulysses Seen' will come with a rating recommending the content only for those over the age of 17 in the iTunes store.

The move comes more than 75 years after an obscenity ban on the classic Irish novel was lifted in a historic ruling by the US appeals court.

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