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Aoidhan's ready for his close-up


Aoidhan Hill

Aoidhan Hill

Aoidhan Hill

IT'S Aoidhan Hill's big chance to be on the big screen in a small way.

The toddler, attended an open casting for "extras" that continues over this weekend, with people invited to sign up for an opportunity to appear in films like the 'Shadow Dancer', as well as shows such as 'Fair City' and even 'Crimecall'.

MovieExtras.ie, which launched in 2002, claims to be Ireland's leading provider of artists to the industry and says that over 500 production companies have registered to use the service.

The most popular age range for extras is between 18 and 30, but it's oldest member is Mabelle Gargan (89), who recently appeared in a Republic of Loose music video.

Aoidhan, who is just 20 months old, became its newest recruit yesterday.

Annual membership is €99.95, with no guarantee of work.

But experienced extras Rachel Dunne and Derek Allen said that work was available on a regular basis and that almost everyone would be called for something.

"How often you work really depends on the person.

"If you are available and flexible you will get opportunities. It's about being patient," said Ms Dunne.

The wage varies, depending on the show and the hours involved, with 'Fair City' paying between €77-€125 per session, while films and adverts pay significantly more.

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