Saturday 18 January 2020

'Anything can happen – we might even win'

WE'VE had a fantastic week out here so far. When we suddenly discovered we were in the final I could feel all the strain drain away.

Until that moment, all the preparation and all the Eurosong stuff didn't matter, because until you hear you've qualified, you're not in.

It's very difficult to have to go home before the final, it's where everyone wants to be. You just feel deflated if you get knocked out.

Now I'm not up there singing or playing the drums, although I am contemplating it in the future, but we all feel the strain.

If we hadn't qualified I would still have had to stay here for the second semi and the final.

But I never really doubted Ryan would do it – he's very strong and the team are very strong. But to be pulled out third, and so early, was fantastic.

I think Ireland's semi-final was fantastic, it was a lot stronger than last night's. Expectations are now growing here though; people are talking about the song as if we have a real chance.

The Swedes are very good at this stuff. SVT, the TV network here, knows how to plan it and put it together. . . They're quite fantastic.

Some of the acts this year are weird. One last night was a man singing in a falsetto voice with what looked like naked backing dancers.

The fact of the matter is that got through a national selection process in its own country and was deemed more appropriate than other people singing normally – but that's why Eurovision's such fun.

Political voting has become much less of a problem since the juries came back, but we still know certain countries will always do well.

The daftness of this event has always intrigued me, but there are still certain things you can't do on stage. You can't wear logos, or have military uniforms. But there is still loads of high jinks.

I think Ireland is a lot more serious about things than we used to be. Nothing is written in stone in this competition, and that's good because it means anything can happen, and you never know who could win.

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