Sunday 17 December 2017

Anti-poverty group urges tax breaks for lower-paid

Director of Social Justice Ireland Fr Sean Healy. Photo: Tom Burke
Director of Social Justice Ireland Fr Sean Healy. Photo: Tom Burke

Anne-Marie Walsh

THE Government has been warned that "a rising tide will not lift all boats" and that some may be left behind as the economy recovers.

Anti-poverty group Social Justice Ireland said we must avoid a repetition of the boom to bust sequence of the past to ensure a fairer future for all citizens.

It outlined a number of measures to avoid the mistakes of the past in its 2014 Socio-Economic Review.

They include wiping out a waiting list of more than 90,000 households for social housing, and investment in renewable energy and transport in order to create jobs.

The group said tax breaks should only be available at the standard rate of 20pc, while big corporations must pay a minimum corporate tax rate of 10pc.

It urged the Government to invest more heavily in primary care teams to deliver health services to local communities.

The group also wants new economic and social indicators to be put in place to measure Ireland's performance.

Traditional accounting measures such as GNP and GDP are "not sufficient in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century", according to the group's new publication 'Steps Towards a Fairer Future'.

"Ireland must avoid the boom to bust sequences that have characterised economic cycles in the past," said director of Social Justice Ireland Fr Sean Healy (pictured).

"All politicians need to recognise that a rising tide won't lift all boats. It hasn't done so in the past and it won't do so now. A fairer future is possible but this requires deliberate action now to move towards such a future.

"Tackling debt, poverty, services and governance should be the priorities in the years immediately ahead."

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