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Saturday 17 November 2018

Anti-fascists behead statue of Russell

JIM CUSACK ANTI-FASCIST youths are believed to be responsible for breaking the head and right arm of the statue of the IRA Chief of Staff and Nazi collaborator Sean Russell in a Dublin park.

The head and right arm were removed from the statue in Fairview on Thursday night. It had previously been vandalised by communists in the Fifties as the original statue erected by Sinn Fein after the Second World War was raised in a Nazi-style salute.

In a statement admitting responsibility, the people behind the incident referred to the fact that Sinn Fein's MEP Mary Lou McDonald had "paid homage" to Russell in a ceremony in October last year.

The statement said: "As Europe prepares to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp 60 years ago, citizens of this state can no longer tolerate the shameful presence of a memorial to the Nazi collaborator Sean Russell in a public park in our nation's capital city.

"Six million Jews, hundreds of thousands of political dissidents, homosexuals, Roma people, Soviet prisoners of war and the disabled were put to death by the Fascist hate machine that overran and terrified Europe from 1939-1945. Sean Russell, the IRA chief of staff was one of the many nationalist fanatics who looked to Adolf Hitler for political and military support in the IRA's quest to reunify Ireland at the point of the bayonets of the Gestapo.

"Russell sought to overthrow the government of Eamon De Valera by fomenting terror and sabotage in the shipyards and munitions factories of Northern Ireland.

"In Belfast, IRA volunteers were ordered to help the Luftwaffe bomb their own city at the cost of nearly 2,000 dead and thousands made homeless.

"At the Wannsee conference, the infamous Nazi gathering that planned the 'Final Solution', the Jewish community in Ireland was marked down for annihilation. Having freed Ireland from British rule, the Nazis expected their collaborators in Sinn Fein and the IRA to help them round up Dublin's Jews and ship them off to Auschwitz. That was the price Sean Russell was prepared to pay to end partition.

"Luckily for the honour and welfare of the Irish people, Russell died on a German U-Boat in August 1940 on his way home to carry out the orders of his Nazi masters.

"This year Sinn Fein again openly paid homage to the traitor Russell at his statue in Fairview Park with speeches extolling his 'revolutionary' fervour and patriotism from Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald and veteran IRA terrorist Brian Keenan."

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