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Another council boss admits to 40-day leave for top staff

Joe Crockett: Kilkenny county manager

ANOTHER county council yesterday admitted its senior officials are entitled to take two months' holidays a year.

Kilkenny county manager Joe Crockett is among a handful of council officials who can avail of at least 40 days' annual leave.

And yesterday it emerged that staff in Galway City Council are entitled to take one-and-a-half days off to attend the city's annual summer race meeting. The council confirmed that staff could avail of the perk, but only during the July race week.

Last week the Irish Independent asked the country's 34 local authorities to provide details on staff holiday entitlements.

Three managers are entitled to at least 40 days' annual leave, but the figure could be higher as nine authorities have yet to respond.

Longford county manager Tim Caffrey can avail of 42 days leave a year, while Kerry county manager Tom Curran is entitled to take 40. Kilkenny county manager Joe Crockett is also allowed 40 days -- a maximum of 38 days' annual leave, with another two privilege days.

Senior management enjoy between 32 and 42 annual leave days a year, including so-called "privilege" days. These come on top of the nine public holidays to which workers are already entitled; and Good Friday, when employers traditionally give their staff the day off.

The Irish Independent has also learned:

  • Limerick City offers staff between 20 and 35 annual leave days. Staff who qualify also get three extra days at Christmas.
  • In Galway City, staff enjoy between 21 and 32 days, with 3.5 extra privilege days -- or 35.5 days.
  • Officials in Donegal County Council have between 21 and 33 days leave every year. They also have four privilege days.
  • In Kilkenny, staff are allowed to take between 22 and 38 days' leave, depending on seniority. Staff also get one or two privilege days at Christmas.
  • In Meath, the county manager and directors of service are allowed 36 days' annual leave, and two privilege days at Christmas. Junior staff get 23 days.
  • The Sligo county manager gets 36 days' leave, and two privilege days at Easter.
  • Staff in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown have 25-34 days annual leave, and two privilege days at Christmas and Easter, bringing the total for senior management to 36.

The time off compares with 33 days given to secretaries general of government departments, and 25 days for chief executives in the private sector. Pressure is mounting on the Government to deliver major reforms -- including a review of leave -- promised under the Croke Park agreement and which are now under intense scrutiny by the IMF.

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