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'Another 20 minutes and I was gone' - Pregnant woman waited two hours for ambulance


Chloé Bolger is considering moving back to her hometown of Lille, France

Chloé Bolger is considering moving back to her hometown of Lille, France

Chloé Bolger is considering moving back to her hometown of Lille, France

A mother-of-one who had to wait almost two hours for an ambulance after falling seriously ill ten days after giving birth has made an emotional plea to Health Minister Simon Harris.

Chloé Bolger, who is now pregnant with her second child, says she is considering moving to France as she fears the same thing happening again.

Ms Bolger, originally from Lille, posted a video on YouTube explaining her ordeal - which was shown to Simon Harris when he visited University Hospital College Galway last Monday.

"When I finally recovered, the doctors in Mayo General told me that another 20 minutes' delay and I was gone, and that just shocked me to the core," she said.

Chloé was at home resting when she started to haemorrhage badly, ten days after giving birth to her daughter Lily.

Her husband Conor phoned an ambulance and she said when he asked how long it would be, the woman on the phone couldn't tell him.

"I wasn't in much pain, but I was losing that much blood I was really, really weak. The 999 operator, to be fair to her, recognised the seriousness of it and dispatched a Garda car to escort the ambulance on the way to the hospital in Castlebar," she said.

The ambulance eventually arrived one hour and 40 minutes after Conor's initial 999 call.

A delegation from the North West Connemara Ambulance Group along with local representatives met with the Health Minister.

In a statement following the meeting, the group described it as "constructive" and added that the minister appeared to be "shocked" at the details presented.

Minister Harris, they said, was to contact the National Ambulance Service, the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council, The Red Cross and was to reconvene with the Ambulance Group in a few weeks.

Ms Bolger was due to meet face-to-face with Mr Harris on Monday but her daughter Lily fell ill, so she uploaded a video to YouTube instead.

"Now that I am due to have my second child I am scared that this could all happen again.

"I don't want to leave Ireland. I love it here, but my safety and my baby's safety comes first".

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