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Anonymous donor saves Joanne's film

A TEENAGER born without arms and legs will be able to complete a documentary on her remarkable life after a company stepped in to provide funds.

Joanne O'Riordan (16) was left devastated when the Irish Film Board (IFB) axed funding for a film on her life, entitled 'No Limbs, No Limits', which was being shot by her brother, Steven.The IFB provided €80,000 in initial support for the project -- but then shocked the family by refusing to supply funds to finish the film.

Now an Irish technology firm -- which has asked to remain anonymous -- has come forward with a €40,000 donation.

Steven and Joanne now only require €60,000 to bring their project to fruition -- and believe the bulk of that money can be raised from advance ticket sales for a proposed Cork Opera House premiere.

Steven also said they had been "inundated" with offers of donations from members of the public.

Joanne, from Millstreet, Co Cork, was honoured by the UN last April for the huge courage and determination she has shown in defying her disability.

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