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Animal activists ‘over the moon’ as Wally the Walrus is on his way home after being spotted in Iceland


Wally the Walrus while he was visiting Clonakilty, Cork

Wally the Walrus while he was visiting Clonakilty, Cork

Wally the Walrus while he was visiting Clonakilty, Cork

It appears that Ireland’s visiting walrus Wally is making his way home to the Arctic after he was spotted in Iceland.

Wildlife enthusiasts were becoming worried about the young walrus as it had been 22 days since he was last seen.

That was until yesterday when he was spotted at a pier in the southeastern town of Höfn in Hornafjörður.

A photographer in the area snapped photos of a walrus yesterday, and Seal Rescue Ireland, along with experts at the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Group, have confirmed that it is Wally.

Sharing the photos of the wandering walrus spotted in Iceland, Sea Life Rescue Ireland said: “This is Wally! Notice the similar scars on the front of both front flippers.

"We are absolutely over the moon that he's not only still alive and well, but he is well on his way home to the Arctic.

"He was seen swimming back out to sea last night (and even managed to avoid sinking any boats while he was there)!

"We are so grateful to the many members of the public who have shown support and love for this walrus by giving him a safe place to rest and gather his strength while visiting our shores ahead of this magnificent journey.

"Thanks to his ability to feed and rest, he has successfully made the long stretch and will hopefully reunite with his own kind again soon. Please always remember to give wildlife space, and put their safety and welfare first."

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According to local media, the chief of police in Höfn, Jón Garðar Bjarnason, said the walrus was last seen at midnight but this morning he was gone.

“It seems to me that this isn’t a very old walrus, because its teeth aren’t that big”, Mr Garðar Bjarnason said.

Wally is believed to have originated in Svalbard, north of Norway and some scientists believe he fell asleep on a floating sheet of ice and found himself far from home.

The touring walrus was first spotted in Ireland off the coast of Valentia Island in March of this year.

He then travelled 4,000km along the coast of western Europe, being spotted in France, Spain and the UK before returning to Ireland at the beginning of last month.

Before being spotted in Iceland yesterday Wally had not been seen for 22 days, so it is unclear where exactly he has been while on his recent adventures.

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