Saturday 16 November 2019

Angry taxi drivers strike after airport showdown over spaces reporters

TAXI drivers have put the brakes on at Dublin Airport and suspended services in a dispute over spaces with the DAA, the Dublin Airport Authority.

The row centres on a reduction by around 70 slots in the taxi hold area of the Airport.

But the DAA says this was done for commercial reasons.

A meeting was held this afternoon between the Airport and taxi representatives, to try to find a solution.

But no agreement was reached.

Angry DAA officials say they regret the inconvenience to customers resulting from this ''unilateral'' action.

The Authority said that it is currently ‘’amending’’ a temporary overflow area for the taxis, which it says will have the same number of spaces as in 2010.

They claim there has been a fall off of more than 300 in the number of permit holders since then.

Claims Irish Taxi Drivers’ Federation boss John Usher : "Dublin Airport informed us two weeks ago that they wanted to take some of these spaces away, and we were looking for an alternative location when they sent the bulldozers in, so it's been a little disappointing the way it was done.

"And of course the men who pay €400 a year for spaces out here find themselves with a lack of [sufficient spaces, so they reacted by stopping work."

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