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Angry residents want fly-infested rubbish-filled house cleaned

PEOPLE living near a house left 4ft-deep in stinking rubbish -- including over 300 used nappies -- want it cleaned up immediately.

Neighbours living in St Joseph's Terrace in Passage West, Cork, want emergency action taken over the vacant terraced house .

The three-bedroom property has been vacant over recent months -- but residents were stunned to discover that it was packed full of domestic rubbish.

They also realised that swarms of flies were emanating from the upstairs of the house from the used nappies.

The downstairs floorboards had been eaten through by rats and mice -- and locals are terrified the house now poses a disease threat unless immediately cleaned.

"It is disturbing, there is no other word for it," local resident Noreen Corkery said. Another resident, Sandra Kind, said locals are furious that despite repeated concerns expressed over the property nothing has, to date, been done.

Another long-time St Joseph's resident said urgent action was vital.

"All I want now is for the house to be cleaned out. We have to live here," Regina O'Sullivan added.

Irish Independent