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Anger rages on Twitter over withered Greens

NOT so long ago, Twitter was easily dismissed as the inane witterings of our time-rich neighbours across the pond.

Now, it seems Ireland has truly woken up to the technology and everyone wants their say.

By 4.30pm yesterday, 'Fin-ance Bill' was up there with 'Justin Bieber' and 'MTV' among the 10 most talked about items worldwide on the platform.

Perhaps the only thing worse than being talked about is being laughed at? 'Circus' and 'Shambles' were surely not too far from that top 10.

RTE's Bryan Dobson gave a quick synopsis.

"What's clear?" he asked. "One: The Greens are gone. Two: Govt will be gone long before March 11."

If the Greens were hoping for a slap in the back for finally pulling the plug, they weren't to find it on the net. A kick in the backside was far more likely, as well as a few kicks when they were down.

"These glasrai are overcooked, for the chop, steamed, in a stew, raw, withered, well past their salad days, etc," Ronan Delaney said.

Fine Gael's Lucinda Creighton steamed in too.

"After three-and-a-half years of U-turns, backtracking and playing second fiddle, Greens finally pull plug to bring forward election by two weeks," she said. "Such courage."

Sarcasm is, of course, the lowest form of wit. And this is no laughing matter.

"Lads, please stop this madness," Bazlad implored on politics.ie.

"Look at the headlines on BBC/CNN over the last few days. We are appearing like a third world country. You are damaging us beyond belief with this death by a thousand cuts."

It is the long goodbye. But not everyone is complaining.

"Government single-handedly strives to save Irish hotel industry by holding at least one press conference a day," Caitriona Nic Gorain announced.

Another poster predicted that 'Reeling in the Years' would have to devote and entire episode to the third week of January 2011.

The angry snipers were understandably out in force last night. "The Greens pulling out now is the equivalent of bin Laden sprinting towards the twin towers with a fire extinguisher," Colm Tobin said.

The announcement from the Greens understandably overshadowed the other story from a major day in Irish politics -- the contest to lead Fianna Fail.

"Four confirmed candidates," one poster said. "Just need to get them all on horseback and the FF apocalypse is ready to go."

You can't really rule anything out.

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