Friday 19 January 2018

Anger as toddlers walk out of creche

Giraffe creche at Clare Hall in north Dublin
Giraffe creche at Clare Hall in north Dublin
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

Two young children let themselves out of a Giraffe creche beside a busy road. The incident comes just weeks after the same childcare chain was embroiled in controversy about the mistreatment of children at a different branch.

The latest incident happened at the Giraffe creche in Burnell Square at Northern Cross in north Dublin. Two little boys walked out of the door yesterday morning without being noticed.

The boys are understood to have walked into a common area at the rear of the building with access to a busy road. A staff member who was outside the building spotted the children and brought them back inside. A spokesperson for the creche confirmed that the two boys had managed to open a door at the rear of the facility and let themselves out.

The spokesperson said the children were seen by a staff member who was outside at the time, who returned them to the room where they were being cared for. But the parents of one of the children has blasted the facility for not spotting the children leaving and having a door that could be easily opened by a three-year-old.

They said they got a call from the creche shortly after the incident where the boys were spotted leaving the creche unaccompanied.

"My wife got a call to let her know that two children, including our son, managed to open a rear door in their classroom and get outside," said the concerned dad of a three-year-old who was one of the children involved. "The creche told her that there was a lady outside who managed to alert them as to what had happened, but we are in shock at this," the dad added.

"Where on Earth was the childcare attendant when this happened and why was the door so easy to open? This is scandalous. At least Giraffe had the decency to report this issue to us, but nevertheless, it's a holy disgrace.

"My wife was told that this never happened before, but thank God there was a lady outside who spotted my little boy as well as some other parent's little boy," he added.

The man said the recent expose of some creche standards had shocked him and his wife. "Without a shadow of a doubt, we found it disturbing, and yesterday was actually our son's last day in creche, but we are taking him out for financial reasons more than anything else," he told The Herald.

The parents of the boy who left the creche have yet to decide if they will take further action on the issue.


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