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And now you too can be part of LIFE's rich pageant

Next week, LIFE comes to Britain. That's right, Ireland's best read and most popular glossy magazine will come free with your Sunday Independent every week from next Sunday.

LIFE is an alluring cocktail of food, fashion, beauty, interiors, health and the best mix of features covering everything from Ireland's celebrity scene to extraordinary stories of real life. LIFE also offers a fascinating twist on everything from sport and politics to gossip and lifestyle.

Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, prepare to be provoked, shocked scandalised and titillated. Prepare to be seduced by LIFE's sumptuous glossy mix of fun and frolics.

LIFE is your one-stop shop for the lowdown on who's who in Ireland and who isn't. Anything worth knowing about home is there -- all human LIFE.

Kicking off every week with Shutterbug, our infamous and irreverent look at the society photos of the week, LIFE proceeds with a gorgeously glossy mix of stunning photography and the best of Irish writing. And, of course, you get all our regular writers who are institutions in their own right -- Mary O'Sullivan pokes into people's Favourite Rooms, Lucinda O'Sullivan is the restaurant reviewer the chefs dread, Triona McCarthy and Sarah Caden tell you all you need to know about beauty, while Constance Harris provides the best Irish fashion coverage, bar none.

Our Style Notebook pages take a wry but informative look at the trends from the street to the catwalk and tell us who's wearing what and who shouldn't be wearing what.

LIFE was the unofficial chronicler of the giddy heights of the boom and now we bring a dose of fun and glamour to post Celtic Tiger Ireland. Next week, we look forward to welcoming our new UK readers as they join the three quarters of a million Irish people who read LIFE every week to find out what's really going on.

Next week, in our first UK edition, we debunk some of Ireland's sacred cows, from Michael D to Leinster rugby. Don't miss your free glossy LIFE magazine, next week, and every week, in your Sunday Independent.

Welcome to LIFE.

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