Sunday 18 March 2018

Anarchist urges Government to back him

Paddy Clancy

HE is a self-confessed anarchist who once urged voters to back Fianna Fail to wreck the country.

Now David Smyth is making a run for the park despite impossible odds of becoming the next President.

He claimed the Government could stake some cash at those odds, before the nation backs him, in a bid to clear the national debt. Mr Smyth said the Government should nominate him to run for the Presidency.

"Why not? It makes common sense," he said.

"They could bet millions on me being elected. It makes sense that the people would support me to clear the debt."

The former construction worker, who is now unemployed, said he sent a nomination submission to the Government yesterday.

Mr Smyth, of Old Pound Street, Sligo, also claimed that he was the first elected leader of a group called the International Anarchy Alliance.

However, he denied that seeking the presidential seat at Aras an Uachtarain would be against anarchist principles.


"I am a democratic anarchist," he said.

Mr Smyth insisted he wouldn't draw anything like the full presidential salary.

"Three or four hundred euro a week would do me grand," he said. "I would carry out the ceremonies properly, and I would be entertaining."

Mr Smyth features on a YouTube video urging electors to vote Fianna Fail at the last general election.

He said at the time: "I believe in the theory of chaos, the complete destruction of society as it stands. The only ones doing that are Fianna Fail. They have the country half-destroyed and if they get back into power they will totally destroy it."

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