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Ambulance delayed after going to 'wrong school'


The ambulance went to the wrong school

The ambulance went to the wrong school

The ambulance went to the wrong school

AN ambulance called out to an injured child in a national school went to a secondary school of the same name, it has been claimed.

The ambulance was called to St Joseph's school in Mell, Drogheda, Co Louth, last Tuesday after a child of around 12 received an injury, suspected to be a dislocated knee.

However, it is understood the ambulance first went to St Joseph's secondary school on the other side of the town.

The resulting confusion led to a waiting time of 22 minutes, amid ongoing concerns about the length of time it takes for an ambulance to reach patients in Drogheda.

The Health Information and Quality Authority recommends an emergency response time of 19 minutes in response to a life-threatening incident.

Local Counsellor Imelda Munster (SF) criticised the waiting time, saying the staff at the school could do nothing for the pupil for fear of causing further injury.

A spokesperson for the HSE yesterday confirmed that the rapid response vehicle had indeed gone to the wrong address but could not clarify whether it had been to the secondary school.

And she said the 19-minute wait guideline did not apply since this was not a life-threatening case.

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