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Ambassador says that Georgia has EU status of 'safe country'



‘Global problem’: George Zurabashvili

‘Global problem’: George Zurabashvili

‘Global problem’: George Zurabashvili

There are "no political circumstances" which would lead a Georgian national to seek asylum in Ireland, the country's ambassador has said.

George Zurabashvili says Georgia is working hard to increase ties with Ireland and would like easier access for skilled workers.

The Department of Justice designated Georgia as a "safe country of origin" for the purpose of the asylum system last year.

Asylum seekers from safe countries may have their claims fast-tracked subject to lower procedural guarantees compared with other applicants.

Mr Zurabashvili said: "Immigration has become a global problem, not only for Ireland but for the EU and other countries.

"People travel for various purposes including a better life opportunity."

He welcomed recognition of Georgia as a safe country by Ireland and more than a dozen other EU member states.

"There are no political circumstances for a Georgian to seek asylum in any third country.

"One of the reasons is the recognition of 15 EU members of country of safe origin.

"To my knowledge the majority of asylum seekers are not granted asylum due to the groundless basis of their application," he said.

Mr Zurabashvili said Georgia had been implementing reforms aimed at managing both emigration and immigration.

"This was acknowledged by the EU through granting Schengen visa free for Georgian citizens.

"The Georgian government has been implementing various actions at executive level to prevent illegal or undocumented travel abroad for any circumstances," he said.

The ambassador said the Georgian government wanted to talk with Ireland about immigration and the possibility to provide opportunities for skilled workers here.

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