Friday 18 October 2019

Alone in the sand and partially buried, a baby

Wayne O'Connor in Balbriggan

Apart from two dogs playfully grappling with the wind near the Martello tower in Balbriggan, North Dublin's picturesque coastline was deserted yesterday evening.

It was hard to make sense of the grim discovery that had been made there earlier in the day - a baby, alone in the sand and partially buried.

At most, the baby was days old before it was discovered and now gardai are trying to piece together how it ended up on the beach the morning after one of the stormiest nights of the winter.

Heading north, away from the town, walkers come on to Bell's Beach. It is here where the Balbriggan Baby was found.

Those looking to access the beach must make their way down a narrow, muddy and winding track, under a little railway bridge and up out over some shale and rocks before breaking out on to the sandy strand.

"It is an isolated beach but it is easily accessible," said a garda. However, as Storm Deirdre raged yesterday it was clear that nobody was coming here without making a great effort to do so.

Incessant rain over recent days meant the track leading to the beach was filled with pools of standing water. Conditions under foot were tricky and it was no comfortable stroll as a howling gale and ferocious waves greeted anyone who made efforts to get down to the strand.

"Obviously there was a volunteer doing a clean-up so it is a well-used beach," a garda spokesman said with a sense of hope. "There may be somebody who knows something about it."

It remains everyone's hope that the baby's mother is not alone and seeks medical help.

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