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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Allen got poison-pen letters over hunt photo

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Editor

TV chef Rachel Allen has revealed she received poison-pen letters threatening her family over the recent pheasant shooting controversy.

The celebrity chef was targeted by animal rights activists after she posted a picture on Facebook of a hunting trip, in which she was seen brandishing a shotgun, with a number of dead game birds on the bonnet of her car.

"I got quite threatening things towards me and my family, strange things," said Ms Allen, who insisted that she would never hunt for pleasure.

"If I wasn't going to eat the pheasant I wouldn't have been out there shooting. I brought them home and I cooked them," she said.

But the TV personality conceded that the image of her grinning by the dead birds, next to her 4X4, may have been "a bit blatant" and "crude".

"I am sorry I rubbed people up the wrong way but I am a game eater. When you eat game in the restaurant it comes from a shoot," she said.

Speaking for the first time about the controversy on RTE's 'Saturday Night Show', Ms Allen said she regretted causing offence to anyone with a different view point to her own.

"There are people who don't eat meat, and who don't wear leather, who probably don't have duck or goose feathers in their pillows. People that can't bare to see an animal being killed, for any reason, for food, or whatever, and I really didn't mean to offend them," she said.

She said she regularly posted images on Facebook showing the ingredients of her recipes.

"It is a work Facebook. I put up recipes and sometimes photographs to contextualise the recipes."

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