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Tuesday 24 April 2018

'All you could hear was this guy wailing' - Gardai investigating brutal assault on man outside Dicey’s bar

Dicey Reilly's
Dicey Reilly's

Meadhbh McGrath

A garda investigation is underway following claims that a man was attacked outside Dicey Reilly’s bar on Harcourt Street last weekend.

Gardaí in Pearse Street have confirmed that they are investigating an incident that occurred on June 6 at around 1.10am.

Other patrons at the bar captured video footage of the incident, in which a 28-year-old man who had been removed from the premises was restrained and assaulted on the footpath.

Ger, whose 21-year-old son Eoin recorded a clip on the night, appeared on RTE Radio One’s Liveline to discuss what he had witnessed.

“He was coming out when he saw security guys beating a guy and he started videoing it on his phone. He said one of the security guys beat the guy very badly in the face,” she said.

“He said the young guy’s face was in bits, he knew straight away that what he had seen was not right,” she added.

After he had been struck, the young man reportedly picked himself up off the ground, wiped the blood off his face and flicked it at the security guard.

The video reportedly shows two men wearing high-vis jackets restraining the man while a third man kicks him in the chest and presses his knee into his throat as he delivers another blow to the man’s head.

“My son said all you could hear was this guy wailing,” Ger said.

She added that her son had had his phone “grabbed out of his hands” by one of the guards, and claimed they tried to delete the footage.

Victor, the manager of BC Security who provide security for Dicey's, also joined the programme to discuss the incident.

He said he had spoken to his guards but was not aware they had taken Eoin’s phone.

“The man was brought out of the location because there was an incident inside the venue. He was quite inebriated and he was quite aggressive,” he said.

“He wanted to get back in to get his jacket from the cloakroom but he had lost his ticket, so he was told to come back at 4pm the next day, but he refused to listen to the security staff.”

Victor said that he did not have the full details in relation to the incident inside the premises, and had only seen a portion of the video footage, so he could not comment on whether the guards had assaulted the man.

“The guidelines set out by the private security authority state that security staff would use reasonable force insofar as dealing with a violent situation like that,” he said.

Although he declined to discuss the exact details of the incident, he said that he would conduct an investigation into what happened.

“I think it’s fair to say that no employer would be happy with that kind of behaviour. Under no circumstances would I be satisfied with that kind of behaviour," he added.

“If we feel that the appropriate action needs to be taken then we will do that and take action against the employees.”

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