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All stick, no carrot, for €64,000 rabbit

THE National Roads Authority (NRA) has spent €64,000 on a sculpture of a rabbit for a roundabout, writes Louise Walsh.

The commission, due to be unveiled this week outside Ashbourne, Co Meath, has angered a local councillor.

Fianna Fail Cllr Nick Killian said the cost was "hard to justify". "I know the money was ringfenced for this but it is still hard to justify a piece of 'fun art' when there are people with disabilities who are finding it impossible to get funding to improve the quality of their lives," he said.

"I'm aware of a family who can't get the €7,000 needed for an all-weather grass area for their severely autistic child," he added.

The funding was made available under the Per Cent for Art Scheme by the NRA.

The art feature was a joint commission by Meath Co Council and Fingal Co Council and 12 submissions were received before The Rabbit by Alex Pentek was chosen.

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