Monday 23 October 2017

All good sports

Ireland's sports stars are engaged in the election -- but not in a way that would please the candidates.

When Sean Gallagher was on the 'Six-One' news last night, Brian O'Driscoll tweeted that he "totally looks like a thumb".

We're sure he'll tell President Gallagher the resemblance between his baldy bonce and the stumpiest part of the anatomy during pre-match handshakes.

During the 'Frontline' debate, Dubs star Alan Brogan tweeted that David Norris "should be doing stand up comedy, not running for president".

Brogan could have helped Senator Norris with his gags, since he considered being one of the Taoiseach's 11 nominees to the upper house this year.

Personal efforts

The 'Frontline' ambush of Sean Gallagher drew instant comparisons to the famous 'Questions and Answers' during the 1990 presidential campaign.

Brian Lenihan senior was asked if he called President Hillery in 1982 asking him to refuse Garret FitzGerald a dissolution of the Dail.

He denied he did, but a taped interview later surfaced in which he admitted he did.

The person who asked the question was Fine Gael activist Brian Murphy -- who's now working on Gay Mitchell's equally doomed campaign.

Mr Mitchell's spokesman insists he's campaigning "all in his own time".

Back in the Alamo

In a previous life, Richard Bruton must have been at the Alamo fighting with Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie fighting back Santa Anna's siege of the Texas fort.

The Enterprise Minister is still sticking rigidly by Gay Mitchell in the dying days of the Fine Gael campaign.

"Not a vote has been cast in this election. This contest is going to be fought up to the very end.

"The campaign has shown candidates wax and wane.

"We're working to deliver a winner, and we're not going to be deflected from that."

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