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All babies moved in Northern Ireland to be screened for bugs

ALL babies transferred to other units from two hospitals in Northern Ireland where four infants died are to be screened for the killer infection, public health authorities said.

Neonatal rooms across the province are to be checked for babies moved during the last two months.

All taps and connected pipework in the neonatal room at Belfast's Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital are to be removed as experts try to eradicate all traces of the pseudomonas bacteria.

The outbreaks there and at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry have been linked to the taps.

Three newborns died in the Royal this month and one late last year in Altnagelvin.

Public Health Agency (PHA) assistant director Dr Lorraine Doherty said: "All the babies transferred from Altnagelvin or the Royal since the 14th of November, we are asking for them to be screened.

"We believe it probably affects most of the neonatal units across Northern Ireland."