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Alisha's first bike is a Harley

SHE'S only three, so she'll have to wait another 13 years before she's even allowed get near her prize.

Alisha Finnegan from Balbriggan in Dublin became the youngest owner of a Harley Davidson in a draw at the International Bike Fest 2012 in Killarney on the weekend.

Her dad, Larry, had bought the €5 ticket in the draw for Muscular Dystrophy Ireland but put Alisha's name on it instead.

"I got a call later that evening from the organisers asking to speak to Alisha. I told them I was her dad, but they said they'd need to speak to her directly," Larry told the Irish Independent.

"I told them Alisha was only three years old and they couldn't believe it."

Larry said he has dreamed of owning a Harley so Alisha's lucky name helped fulfil his ambition.

Irish Independent