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Albert Nobbs joins Bono on Toronto bill

A FILM shot in Ireland has made it into one of the world's most important movie festivals.

'Albert Nobbs', set in 19th century Dublin, will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September. It stars veteran actress Glenn Close, who plays a woman passing herself off as a man in order to work and survive.

Part-funded by the Irish Film Board and shot in the capital, it was produced by Alan Moloney.

"It is the perfect place for this film to begin its journey into the world and a real honour for all involved," he said.

A new documentary on U2 is also set for Toronto.

'From the Sky Down' examines the band's album 'Achtung Baby' 20 years after it was released, and features new interviews with Bono (above) and the band, and unseen footage from Berlin and Dublin.

"U2 has defied the gravitational pull towards destruction. This band has endured and thrived," said filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. "The movie 'From the Sky Down' asks the question, 'why?'"

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