Tuesday 12 November 2019

Airport to test new 'self-scan' system for passengers

Edel Kennedy

PASSENGERS will scan their own boarding card and pass through a turnstile to the security area in a new system to be trialled in Dublin Airport.

If successful it will be rolled out to all airports under the control of the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA).

Currently, a member of staff examines each passenger's boarding card at the entrance to the security area to ensure their ticket is valid, but it is hoped an automated service will cut down on time and costs.

Under the new system, the passenger will scan their own boarding card. They will only be permitted to pass through a turnstile and into the security area if it is valid for travel on that day. Once inside the security area, the passenger will pass through the metal detectors -- and their bags through the X-ray machines -- as normal.

A spokeswoman for Dublin Airport confirmed they were "looking at trialling" the new system and were tendering for new machines.

She said: "The machines would scan the boarding cards and the passengers would enter in to the passenger screening area. Manchester Airport uses them and they work very effectively. But just because it works in one airport doesn't necessarily mean it will work in another airport. The dynamics of every airport are different."

It is planned that two machines will be trialled to test their effectiveness.

It is expected that they will be in place in the "next month or so". The tender for the new machines shows that they would be bought under a six-year framework agreement by the DAA.

"This will initially involve trialling the proposed solution in the existing terminal at Dublin Airport," the tender reads.


"If successful, this may be followed by rollout to the rest of the existing terminal in Dublin Airport.

"This may be followed at the discretion of the DAA by rollout to any, all or none of the other DAA terminals, (Dublin Terminal 2, Cork and Shannon)."

Currently there are at least two members of staff in Dublin Airport checking boarding cards at all times.

The DAA is also preparing to spend up to €2m on full body scanners to screen passengers for weapons and explosives. The scanners will be bought and installed by the Department of Transport if it is ordered to do so.

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