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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Airport 'empty' amid cancellations

Dublin Airport lay dormant after fresh eruptions from the Icelandic volcano left passengers stranded once again.

Terminal One, which usually sees up to 60,000 travellers come and go daily, was eerily quiet as small clusters of people queued to reschedule trips or speak with airline staff.

Many came to the airport hoping to catch an early morning flight but were resigned to another day of waiting after the decision not to reopen Irish skies.

A group of weary French teenagers who had planned to go home last Thursday gathered in the departures area to rebook flights for a sixth time.

"There's a certain expectation now that it will be cancelled - they've been through this so many times now," their teacher Amy Moya said.

"We're coping but it's costing a lot of extra money with the hostel and the groceries and the transport.

"We've started talking about Moses and how we'll end up walking over the sea if we can't fly."

Just a handful of vehicles sat in the car park, while in the normally-bustling food court some bars opted to keep their shutters down for the day.

Staff in other cafes and restaurants kept busy by polishing counters and rearranging untouched pastries as marooned businessmen held meetings and struck deals by phone.

The busiest sections of the airport were the internet hubs where people gathered to contact relatives and search for alternative transport online.

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