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Airline accused of spying on employee

A MANAGER with Aer Lingus has claimed she was put under surveillance by private detectives hired by the company.

Kathleen Bermingham, a landside manager with Aer Lingus at Dublin Airport was suspended by the airline last March to "allow allegations of irregularities regarding attendances", to be investigated.

As a result of that sanction Mrs Bermingham, of Seabury Drive, Malahide, Co Dublin, has brought High Court proceedings against the company because she fears she is about to be dismissed from her post.


Yesterday, Mrs Bermingham's lawyers told Mr Justice Brian McGovern their client has not committed any wrongdoings against the company nor is she guilty of any offenses alleged against her.

Mrs Bermingham claims she was astounded to learn during a meeting involving her representatives and the person appointed by the airline to conduct the investigation that she had been subject to surveillance by private detectives employed either by Aer Lingus or some person on its behalf.

The judge granted Mrs Bermingham permission to serve proceedings on Aer Lingus.

The application was made ex-parte (one side only).

The matter was adjourned to a date next week.

Irish Independent