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Friday 6 December 2019

Aircoach defends service after passengers complain about baggage thefts

Aircoach is owned by UK-based Firstgroup
Aircoach is owned by UK-based Firstgroup

David Kearns

Aircoach has defended its handling of luggage following complaints from passengers who allege they had their bags stolen while using the service.

The company, which runs express coaches to Dublin Airport, said it was aware of a “small number of bags” having been taken for from its coaches “without permission over the past few weeks”.

However addressing complaints posted on Tripadvisor, Aircoach said that a number of these incidents involved people mistakenly taking luggage not belonging to them – in which case, the company had helped to repatriate the lost items.

The number of bags actually reported as stolen Aircoach said was “in the single figures”, and that in all cases CCTV footage from the luggage storage area was given to Garda.

“These incidents, which is not unique to Aircoach , are taken extremely seriously by the Company and have been reported to the Gardaí,” the coach company added.

Among the comments left about the company on Tripadvisor include one from an Irish man who says his parents had two bags stolen while traveling from Dublin Airport to Cork last Friday.

A complaint about Aircoach posted on Tripadvisor
A complaint about Aircoach posted on Tripadvisor

“The driver of the bus was unhelpful/didn’t care but he did tell us no way the bags were taken at the stop in Dublin city centre as there is an inspector there.

“So we went to the Gardaí to report and it turns out another bag was stolen from the 6:30 bus to Cork as well on the Friday, it belonged to a French tourist who had all her belongings in it.

“It begs the question why aren’t Aircoach hiring people to protect the luggage? Or letting people know it’s not safe to carry luggage on their buses?”

Another post on the site, from a Greek man, claims he had his laptop and a number of other personal items taken during a trip from O’Connell Street to Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport.

A complaint about Aircoach posted on Tripadvisor
A complaint about Aircoach posted on Tripadvisor

“A couple of days ago the company (after having checked the CCTV at my request) informed me that my suitcase was stolen by a man on O' Connell street while I was seating inside the bus, waiting for the driver to close the doors and take me to the airport.

“Aircoach claims it is not reliable for stolen luggage… Their driver should have told me (and the other passengers) that the company transferring tourists and their luggage to the airport is not responsible for their belongings!

“If I knew from the very beginning that my luggage would be unattended after being placed in the hold of the coach, I'd certainly have taken all the necessary measures in order to secure my suitcases.”

According to Aircoach’s ‘Terms & Conditions’, baggage carried on its coaches is done so at a passenger’s own risk.

“Aircoach will use its best endeavours to carry the baggage safely and securely, but assumes no liability for any loss or damage to baggage while in its possession, nor any consequences arising from the loss of or damage to baggage.

"Aircoach does not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage.”

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