Friday 23 March 2018

Airbnb having an 'adverse impact' on Ireland's long-term rental market

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Robin Schiller

The growing use of online short-term leasing websites such as Airbnb is having an adverse impact on Ireland's long-term rental market according to senior Government and Council officials.

Earnán Ó'Cléirigh, a Principal Officer at the Department of Housing, said that there are concerns the impact such online platforms could have on properties being withdrawn from the long-term rental sector if not adequately regulated.

Mr Ó'Cléirigh said that the Department is concerned about the growing availability of online short-term letting and the effect this will have on Landlords seeking to obtain higher returns for short-term renting in the tourism sector.

Dublin City Council's Assistant Chief Executive, Richard Shakespeare, said that the development of services such as Airbnb is having an adverse affect on the number of properties available for long-term housing.

According to DCC figure's there are 6,729 listings on Airbnb for the capital, with 5,377 of these within the city council area.

Mr Shakespeare added that the information available shows that Airbnb only has a marginal impact on prices.

They were speaking at this morning's Oireachtas Committee on Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

Members of the committee noted that although there are other companies operating in the online short-term letting sector, Airbnb was mainly referenced as there is more information available on this particular company.

Sinn Fein TD Eoin O'Broin expressed his disappointment at the lack of data supplied by Airbnb to the Oireachtas Committee, adding that pressure must be placed on the company to supply relevant data to the committee.

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