Tuesday 24 April 2018

Air hostess broke hip in mid-air turbulence

A Ryanair Boeing 737 aircraft (Getty Images)
A Ryanair Boeing 737 aircraft (Getty Images)

Pat Flynn

An incident in which a Ryanair cabin crew member sustained a fractured pelvis when she was thrown into the air during a flight from Italy to Germany last year may have been caused by poor weather forecasts, an investigation has found.

The Ryanair flight was en route from Rome's Ciampino airport to Leipzig in Germany on July 18 last year.

During the climb, the crew had sought permission to circumnavigate a cloud build-up and after doing so, were later cleared direct to their next waypoint.

Soon afterwards, however, the flight encountered severe turbulence, during which a cabin crew member was lifted off her feet and tossed into the air. She hit her head off the galley ceiling before falling to the floor again.

She was later found to have fractured her pelvis.

The investigation found a contributing factor was that cloud activity and turbulence "was not forecast in the 
prognostic weather charts included in the flight crew's briefing pack."

The investigation found that at the time, the pilot did not inform air traffic control of the incident. He explained that he didn't do so because he was busy dealing with what had happened.

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