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Ahern: Ballymun CCTV cameras will remove fear of crime

Scores of CCTV cameras trained on the streets of Dublin's Ballymun will help residents live without fear of crime, Justice Minister Dermot Ahern claimed today.

A total of 82 individually-controlled cameras have been placed around the area as part of a regeneration strategy aimed at combating anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

Launching the €2.5m scheme, Mr Ahern said it would help to both deter and detect crime.

"The principal benefits of this CCTV scheme will be the maintenance of public order and safety, prevention, detection and investigation of offences and ultimately in the prosecution of offenders," he said.

Mr Ahern said the surveillance system, controlled by gardai, would add to the quality of life in the revamped Ballymun and allow people to live their lives to the full without fear.

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