'Ah feck off' - Mrs Brown's Boys movie sequel delayed as Brexit bites funding

Brendan O’Carroll, who plays Mrs Brown. Photo: Alan Peebles

Kirsty Blake Knox

Another day and another post-Brexit casualty.

Filming on 'Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie 2' has stalled due to volatile post-Brexit conditions.

Creator Brendan O'Carroll has already penned the script for the sequel, but says filming will not take place this year as originally planned.

"We were planning to do it this year, but the numbers weren't right," O'Carroll said.

"The Brexit drop in Sterling makes it a lot more expensive for the studio than it would have been previously."

'D'Movie 2' is a co-production with BBC Films and London-based company Penalty Kicks.

The British film industry faces many new challenges in the wake of Brexit including reduced funding and limitations regarding EU theatrical distribution.

These issues could be even more problematic for co-productions.

According to O'Carroll, 'D'Movie 2' will go into production at a later date - once the pound stabilises.

"The plot and outline are there and ready to go," he said. "We know what's going to happen and how we're going to do it."

'Mrs Brown's Boy D'Movie' was a huge hit at the box office.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from the critics, it had the biggest opening weekend on record for an Irish film, taking €1.02m at the Irish box office.

In the process it outflanked 'Michael Collins' (€648,928), 'Angela's Ashes' (€641,292) and 'The Guard' (€433,010). In the UK the film took in £28m (€33m). O'Carroll previously stated it was his intention to make a trilogy of films about Agnes Brown and her family.

The show first aired on the BBC in 2011 and was dubbed "an overnight success that was 20 years in the making".

A live episode of the sitcom was aired last weekend as part of the BBC's sitcom season. It pulled in 6.5 million viewers.