Saturday 19 October 2019

Adult TV station 'Babestation' apologises to Westport residents over x-rated calls

Action: Minister Michael Ring wants calls stopped
Action: Minister Michael Ring wants calls stopped
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

A UK adult television station has a apologised to residents in Westport, Co Mayo who were inundated with calls from users of x-rated chatlines advertised on the channel.

The Sunday Independent last weekend revealed Regional Development Minister Michael Ring was forced to contact television regulators and gardai after his constituents were bombarded with calls from adult chatline callers.

Today, Babestation, the UK channel advertising the chatlines, issued a statement apologising for the inconvenience caused to people living in Westport.

"Babestation recognise this as an innocent misunderstanding and they are extremely aware that disappointed callers in Ireland, whose intention it was to speak to one of the Babestation girls, may have inadvertently reached homes on the west coast of Ireland," a statement said.

"They also recognise the impact that this has had on those that may have received these calls, and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Babestation are keen to stress, and will continue to do so publicly, that when dialling a UK number, the ‘0’ should be replaced by ’00 44,'" it added.

The adult station said it planned to visit Wesport with two models and speak to residents as a "show of support and recognition".

However, Mr Ring insisted the station and its models were not wanted in Wesport.

Mr Ring said: "All we want them to do is change the phone numbers so residents are not annoyed by these calls. We don't want them down here. "

Babestation said it will visit Westport on Thursday 26th January at around 2pm.

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