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Addict robbed chemists 'because of Budget cuts'

A DRUG addict who committed eight robberies within several months partly "because of the Budget cuts" has received a total 12-year sentence with the final four suspended.

Judge Katherine Delahunt said she was "flabbergasted" that John Daly (30) was let out on bail each time after he admitted the robberies to gardai.

Daly robbed two premises twice after being released on bail. After one arrest, he told gardai he did it because "it was all getting too much because of the Budget cuts" and he needed to buy Christmas presents for his two children.

Daly, of Deansrath Grove, Clondalkin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to eight robberies between September 15, 2009 and March 10, 2010, at pharmacies in Saggart, Blackrock, and Clondalkin and a petrol station at Newlands Cross.

During the robberies he used a variety of tools to intimidate staff, including a Stanley knife, a hammer, a wheel brace and a spanner.

Each time he robbed a pharmacy he demanded all the Valium they had and tried to get money from the till.

On several occasions, he apologised to staff before he left. Daly has 53 previous convictions, mostly for various forms of theft and robbery.

Irish Independent