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Sunday 18 March 2018

Adams is exceptional, says Alastair Campbell

ine Kerr Political Correspondent

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams is an "exceptional person" who will be an "interesting addition" to the Dail if elected, according to the British Labour Party's former spin doctor, Alastair Campbell.

The one-time aide to British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in Dublin yesterday to promote the latest volume of his diaries, which traces the Northern Ireland peace negotiations.

He recently listed Martin McGuinness, and not Mr Adams, as one of the 10 most exceptional people that he had ever worked with.

Asked why, Mr Campbell said: "Please don't read into that. I think he (Adams) is an exceptional person. I hear he's going to get elected. I think he'll be a very interesting addition to the Dail."

And he insisted that Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern would be remembered more positively in the future.

"I think Bertie Ahern will be seen by history in a kinder light because of his contribution to the peace process," Mr Campbell told the Irish Independent.

The second volume of his diaries reveals that the former junior minister for foreign affairs, Liz O'Donnell, was "very pissed off" about being left out of a set-piece photograph organised by Mr Campbell.

He wanted to keep the photo to just Mr Ahern and Mr Blair.

"From the look Liz O'Donnell gave me, I think I made an enemy for life," Mr Campbell wrote of Thursday, April 1, 1999.

He refused to be drawn on what he thought of Enda Kenny. But he advised the Fine Gael leader to read his book if he wanted to learn lessons about how to start governing after years in opposition.

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