Tuesday 21 November 2017

Adams accuses media of a witch-hunt against Sinn Fein

Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor

SINN Fein President Gerry Adams has claimed yet again that there is a media campaign against him and his party, as he continues to be mired in controversy.

After the child abuse allegations surrounding his brother Liam, the party president is now accused of authorising the IRA killing of Jean McConville.

Mr Adams denies allegations he was involved in the disappearance of Mrs McConville, a mother-of-10, in 1972.

A book based on interviews with a former IRA leader, Brendan Hughes, who died in 2008, says Mr Adams ordered her murder over claims she was a British army informer.

In his Easter Sunday speech at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast yesterday, Mr Adams did not directly address the ongoing controversies.

But he made a clear reference to it as he claimed there was a media campaign taking place against the entire Republican movement.

"This society, the citizens of this island, would not be in the new place, a better place, particularly here in the North, but for the dedication and determination of Republicans.

"So this campaign against me, against us ... is not new," he said.

"They did it during the hunger strikes; they did (it) when I first stood for election and in every election since; they did (it) when I was involved in talks with John Hume; they did it constantly throughout the negotiations and the peace process.

"It is about stopping our development," Mr Adams said.

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