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Acid tongues get tweeting

YOU'D almost feel sorry for them. Almost. Those volunteers who finally got their game faces on yesterday afternoon, and started "mobilising campaigns" (they love the war jargon). The most thankless task was left to those dealing with the internet.

"Do something with that blasted Twitter thing or something," they will have been told, helpfully.

"Sure didn't it get Obama elected in the States?"

So is there a site somewhere on the old internet that "captures the zeitgeist" and "increases that online presence exponentially" and, yes, "connects with the youth"?

Step forward, TV3's 'Rock the Vote' effort. It has, amongst other things, Twink.

"Get off your butt and vote," she implores the dishevelled youth of today, using that high-pitch tone so familiar from her voice messages.

"If you don't vote, you can't complain," she adds, revealing a worrying lack of knowledge about any Irish person under the age of 90. It was all too much for some.

"We're off," claimed JohnGilroyTeam in Cork North Central yesterday afternoon on Twitter, the Labour candidate perhaps following the instruction to "Keep it short" a little too diligently.

The Greens, of course, practically invented Twitter, although they still seem to be under the illusion they have spent the last few years in opposition.

"And so ends the 30th Dail," Dan Boyle said.

"It will be remembered and probably not for the best of reasons."

But then critics will say Twitter is largely nonsense. Yet, it can be fun.

"The only way to dissolve this Dail is by drenching it in acid from a helicopter," Colm Tobin noted. Now, If only the odd candidate could bend it to their will.

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