Saturday 24 March 2018

Accused out drinking after killing, trial hears


The killer of widow Anne Corcoran attended his camera club and drinks afterwards while she lay dead in his house, his murder trial heard.

Oliver Hayes (49) of Clancool Terrace, Bandon, Cork, told gardai he beat the widow unconscious on Monday, January 19 last year after abducting her from her home at Maulnaskimlehane, Kilbrittain. He discovered she was dead the following morning but continued with his normal routine.

The painter has pleaded guilty to the 60-year-old's manslaughter but not guilty to murdering her between January 19 and 21, 2009.

He admits falsely imprisoning her and stealing €3,000 from her bank account.

The Central Criminal Court jury spent yesterday watching his garda interview from last February. He'd already confessed to her killing but was giving a more detailed account. Hayes, who walked marathons, walked several kilometres to her house.

"I had an idea she would have (money) because she had a farm," he said.

He drove Mrs Corcoran back to Bandon in the boot of her car, her hands tied.

He stopped on a dirt track and asked for her bank card. "At that stage I was getting fed up myself," he said. She had got into the back seat so he tied her legs with her dog lead and stayed there for 20 minutes. "I said I wasn't in any rush and would wait all night," he continued. "She asked me did someone pay you to do this. She was convinced somebody sent me." He took her to his house and sat her on the floor upstairs.

"I tied her up better. There was old electrical cable that I was able to wrap right around her hands," he said. "I then gagged her with an old piece of a shirt."

After 10 minutes she told him her pin and where her bank card was in her house.

"I was afraid she'd escape while I was gone," he said. "I thought I'd knock her out." He did so with a kitchen worktop after failing with a piece of timber.

He found the card and drove home. His victim was still unconscious and he went to bed. However, she wasn't breathing the next morning.

"I didn't know what to do next," he said. "

"I went to take my girlfriend up to do home help for her brother. I had to take her up. She'd be wondering."


He returned about 5pm and covered her with a cardboard box so he wouldn't have to see her and stayed in another room for the evening, leaving to move her car and withdraw her cash.

On Wednesday night he said he went to his camera club in Clonakilty. "Some of us went for a drink."

"Were you at a party that week, Oliver?" asked a detective. "I was, yes," he replied.

"You didn't mention it before," said the detective. "I didn't think of it," said Hayes.

He said he removed Mrs Corcoran's body from his house on the Thursday night and set about burning it.

The trial continues.

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