Tuesday 22 October 2019

Academic awarded €7,000 over unfair dismissal

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Gordon Deegan

A college academic who was made redundant from his post months after 23 colleagues signed a petition alleging repeated errors in tests he prepared has been awarded €7,748 for his unfair dismissal.

Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) adjudication officer Davnet O'Driscoll has ruled that the college compensation payment to the course director is in addition to the redundancy sum the man has already received.

In his unfair dismissal action, the academic said there was a plethora of complaints made against him, but instead the college chose to masquerade an unfair dismissal as a redundancy situation in July 2018.

He said an investigation took place into allegations made by a former employee and the way in which her complaint was dealt with. He had no knowledge of this and was not asked to participate in the investigation which occurred while he was still employed.

The academic said before being made redundant he was offered alternatives that were not suitable for his experience or skill set.

In her findings, Ms O'Driscoll said in the absence of the college properly investigating the serious complaints against the academic: "I am not convinced that the respondent has acted reasonably as this has significantly disadvantaged the complainant."

Ms O'Driscoll said she was of the view that the unresolved allegations tainted consideration of the complainant for other roles within the college.

"I find the complainant was unfairly dismissed, and it is just and equitable to award him €7,748 which is his full financial loss," she said.

The college said it sustained a severe financial loss in 2016/17 and streamlining was required.

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