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Watch: Mum of baby born with life-limiting condition calls for 'No' vote in abortion referendum



The mum of a baby girl who was born with a life-limiting condition has called for a 'No' vote in the abortion referendum.

Sandra and her husband Jonathan Caulfield have three girls Chloe (11), Ava (8) and Hope Rose.

Hope Rose was born in September 2017 with a life-limiting condition and passed away shortly after.

"If abortion comes into our country, it is not going to take away the pain. You would also be left with the guilt. I will always be incredibly grateful for Hope Rose's life. She taught me about acceptance, courage, hope and love," Sandra said at a press conference for the Save the 8th campaign this morning.

"Hope Rose died in my arms. She was loved and accepted for the little miracle that she was and still is. When someone we love dies, the love we have for them doesn't die. It gets stronger.

"The women and unborn babies of this country deserve better than abortion. Leo Varadkar and Simon Harri, how you can call abortion healthcare is beyond me.

"What I and Hope Rose received was proper healthcare. This is not a referendum about Hope Rose or any other child with a life-limiting condition. This is about abortion on demand. Please vote 'No."