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Threat to Yes voters was 'fake news' - monsignor

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Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

A Twitter campaign claiming to be from the Love Both movement is spreading "fake news" by claiming a priest warned Catholic Yes voters they would face excommunication.

Using the LoveBothDrogheda Twitter handle, they tweeted: "Priest made it very clear today. If you vote yes, you are effectively excommunicating yourself #LoveBothVoteNO #loveboth".

But the Pro-Life Campaign, which runs the Love Both group, stated it was not part of the official movement.

The Irish Independent phoned several churches in Drogheda, Co Louth, and all denied they'd made such a statement nor heard of any priest making an announcement in church.

Monsignor James Carroll, from St Peter's Church in Drogheda, said he believed the statement was "fake news" and the public had to be aware of false messages.

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