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Probe into 'cyber attack' on Together for Yes page

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Shona Murray

Gardaí are probing allegations that a crowd-funding page linked to pro-repeal group 'Together for Yes' was the subject of a deliberate cyber attack.

At around 5.50pm on Thursday, which is peak time for donations, staff noticed that the crowd-funding page was down.

A spokesperson said the glitch went on for over an hour and led to some panic.

Causebox, the group's payments processor which also runs its funding page, explained they were experiencing a denial of service - or D-DOS - attack flooding all of their sites.

Sometimes a surge of popularity can cause it, but after further investigation, Causebox said it was a definite attack.

The investigation then showed that the IP address for the attacker was a Virgin media user based in Ireland.

Causebox is based in San Francisco.

The spokesperson said: "On the day we launched our last key fundraising appeal the global platform we used was taken down with an attack at the busiest time in Ireland.

"That was enough to feel it should be flagged with the gardaí."

The incident took down the entire Causebox network.

Gardaí took statements and evidence for over two hours following the incident, according to the group.

"We're taking the incident very seriously and any attempt to interfere with crowd-funding will be met with seriousness," said Amy Rose Harte, the campaign director for Together for Yes.

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