Sunday 21 July 2019

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Repeal the Eighth Amendment?

Yes 66.40% 1,429,981

No 33.60% 723,632

  • Constituencies declared: 40/40

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'Men need to go out and support women' - Cillian Murphy on the upcoming referendum Newsdesk Newsdesk

ACTOR Cillian Murphy has weighed in on the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment urging men to use their vote.

The Peaky Blinders star was interviewed by Limerick comedian Blindboy Boatclub.

He talked about being "fed up with everything" at 18 and realising voting gave him the power to change things.

Unlike a General Elections which may change the make-up of Dáil Eireann, a referendum was "fantastically powerful" and can lead to immediate change he said.

He spoke about the need for men to cast their vote on May 25.

"Men and women are custodians of this society, we both decide about what's going to happen for our future, you know. And I feel that very, very strongly. You can be well intentioned and say 'look it should be for women to decide this' but we need to go out and support women on this.

"That's really the thing that has hit home to me most, because I've got a lot of friends that are out canvassing and a lot of friends that are working on behalf of various campaigns and then you hear that from men that they support it but they're like we don't want to get involved," he said.

"Sure that's not support unless you're going out there and actually exercising the vote that you have a right to, then you're not supporting it - thats just cheering from the sidelines," Blindboy said.

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