Tuesday 22 January 2019

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Repeal the Eighth Amendment?

Yes 66.40% 1,429,981

No 33.60% 723,632

  • Constituencies declared: 40/40

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Jordan Hewson lends her voice to Repeal campaign

Bono: ‘Telling women what to do with their bodies is unacceptable’

Bono with daughter Jordan
Bono with daughter Jordan
Jordan wearing a Domino Whisker-designed jacket with a ‘Vote Yes’ sign stitched under a picture of a pair of praying hands
Niamh Horan

Niamh Horan

Bono has said that, in his children, he sees hope for the world. Although quiet on this side of the water, in the US, Eve and Jordan are becoming well known in their own right for their business, acting and social activism - regularly posting photos from marches for women's rights.

So it was probably only a matter of time before they lent their voice to the Repeal campaign.

In recent days, Jordan Hewson touched down in Ireland and immediately stepped out to back the pro-choice movement ahead of next month's referendum.

Wearing a Domino Whisker-designed navy blue jacket with a 'Vote Yes' sign stitched under a picture of a pair of praying hands, Jordan left voters in no doubt about her views.

Her post was immediately backed by supermodel Christy Turlington and The Edge's daughters Blue and Hollie Evans. Julian Lennon, son of the late Beatle John, quickly followed suit.

Bono has not ruled out taking to the campaign stage in Ireland ahead of the vote but he has already made his feelings known in several interviews.

In a wide-ranging one-to-one late last year, when speaking about the united fight he sees in women - given the recent marches and movements, he growled approvingly "Get out of the f****** way!"

He also gave his thoughts on the fact that Ireland is set to hold a referendum on abortion: "My daughters are swinging from the rafters," he said about the vote, planned for May 25.

"Telling women what to do with their bodies is unacceptable, and I think Irish people know that."

Asked if he will make his voice heard nearer the time, Bono said: "I don't know," adding, "they may not want my placard up there. 'It's OK, Bono, we've got this one!'," he said in joking reference to his daughters and other women telling him they can handle the campaign without him.

He has previously described how he was "embarrassed" that abortion was still illegal in Ireland. And speaking about women fighting for their rights, he said: "It's women who are really grabbing a hold of the protest. It is women who are leading the protest movement. It is the women who are leading the dissent."

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, Jordan said: "As a country we now understand that we should always seek and respect a woman's consent. Our consent to sex, our consent to marriage, our consent to motherhood is the most fundamental freedom we can protect in this world. It is worth voting for, and I will be voting yes."

Meanwhile, speaking about Jordan modelling her Repeal jacket, Domino Whisker said: "Jordan is a good friend of mine and she was doing a photo shoot in the city. I was wearing the jacket and she said: 'Oh my God, can I wear that tonight?' She had already been wearing a Mazer-styled Repeal jumper."

On the jacket design she said: "Using fashion as a way to protest peacefully about such a personal subject is beautiful while effective," adding, "I see praying hands as a sign of hope and for me hope is everything."

On the use of a needle and thread to power a movement, Whisker said: "Women have been using sewing and embroidery in their activism for over a hundred years. From the Suffragettes to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, the needle has been used as a political tool rather than that of domestic ladyhood. Louise Bourgeois once said 'sewing is an act of emotional repair' - and for me, that's just what this country needs."

In 2016, Jordan launched a tech company Speakable, and says it is "on a mission to connect people to the power of their civic voice".

Speakable's first product, Action Button, allows readers of news stories to "participate in the outcomes of those stories - whether by donating, signing a petition or emailing a policymaker," said Jordan.

Jordan has previously spoken about the importance of giving "women in Ireland equal access to healthcare and human dignity".

She has also posted her support for planned parenthood - a non-profit organisation that provides sexual health care in the United States and globally.

Meanwhile, this weekend the Tanaiste has expressed concern that those campaigning to retain the Eighth Amendment may try to frighten undecided voters into voting 'No' if they have any doubts about the proposal. Simon Coveney predicted that undecided voters, estimated as being about 30pc of the electorate, would decide the outcome on May 25.

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